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Sri Shanmuga Textiles

About Sri Shanmuga Textiles

Sri Shanmuga Textiles, established in 2015, is a manufacturer of home-use cotton products. Recently, Sri Shanmuga Textiles ventured into the online retail sector with the launch of its own platform, Cotton Wipes, providing customers with direct access to their cotton supplies.


Business Challenges
  • Reliance on Auditors: Auditors typically perform periodic audits to review the financial information presented, which is retrospective and does not reflect the current state of the business. Since Sri Shanmuga Textiles were completely reliant on Tally and had to wait for information from their auditors and could not take timely business decisions.

  • Lack of visibility into stock: Sri Shanmuga Textiles lacked visibility and control over the status of products. This made it challenging to identify dead stock and understand product performance in terms of best-selling and least-selling items.

  • Tally’s usability:Tally's interface and steep learning curve make it challenging for other team members to use it effectively. The team members had to rely on a few individuals with expertise in Tally, leading to bottlenecks and delays in financial operations.

  • Payment Tracking: Sri Shanmuga Textiles found it challenging in maintaining a payment history for each customer . A lack of clarity led to confusion and difficulties in identifying which customers owed how much.


Sri Shanmuga Textiles turned to Trivecta Digital for an analysis of their business challenges, setting up of processes and recommendations of the optimal software solution that will address the challenges and fit within their budget. After a comprehensive analysis of Sri Shanmuga Textiles challenges and needs, Trivecta Digital’s business and process consultants designed business processes and recommended the implementation of Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory.In addition to delivering consulting services after assessing the requirements, Trivecta Digital completed the deployment and integration of Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory, and conducted training sessions for their users. 


Key results

The implementation of Zoho Books and collaboration with Trivecta yielded significant results for Sri Shanmuga Textiles:

  • Real-time Reports: Sri Shanmuga Textiles gained complete control over its financial data and eliminated the need for auditors to generate payment and inventory reports, saving time and reducing costs.

  • Increased Product-Wise Margin: With better visibility into product performance and cost analysis, Shanmuga Textiles was able to identify and focus on high-margin products, leading to increased profitability.

  • Reduced Dead Stock: Prior to implementing Zoho Books, the company had a dead stock rate of 70%. Improved inventory management and real-time insights reduced the dead stock rate to 20%, resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Zoho Books enabled the company to automate post-purchase thank-you emails to all customers, improving customer satisfaction and creating a positive brand image.

  • Stock Alerts: Zoho Inventory provided real-time alerts to manage both raw materials and finished goods. Whenever the inventory levels fall below the defined threshold, automatic alerts are triggered, ensuring timely action is taken to avoid stockouts and production delays.


Mr. Saravanan, CEO, Sri Shanmuga Textiles - “In the past, we were using Tally for our business accounting, but it did not meet the needs of our business. Managing our inventory, tracking the status of  raw materials and finished products, monitoring payables and receivables was challenging. We had to depend on our auditors and wait till the end of the financial year to get much of the information needed. Trivecta Digital has helped us gain real-time visibility into our business through implementation of Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory which helps us make important and timely decisions.”

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