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Efficiency, Reliability, and Accuracy 

Trivecta brings an exceptional blend of testing strategies, tools and technical expertise to ensure your product is delivered without defects and in an accelerated time frame.

QA Services that we offer

Test Automation

Get a head start with test automation by having our team build a test automation solution for you. Our test automation team formulates a custom automation testing strategy and initiates the process from scratch to fast-track product releases ensuring your product is free from any potential errors. 

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Regression Testing 

Trivecta's regression testing best practices utilize the optimum number of test cases to achieve maximum coverage and eliminate residual defects that surface in later regression cycles. Our fine tuned regression testing approach increases productivity, optimizes effort and significantly reduces time to market.

Performance Engineering

At Trivecta, performance testing specialists execute a wide range of tests, including load, volume, and soak testing and generate comprehensive testing reports with detected performance bottlenecks, metrics, and helpful recommendations on performance optimization based on extensive analysis. 

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Security Testing

Our team of experts help businesses like yours identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and fortify their defenses against potential threats by performing penetration testing, code auditing, vulnerability scanning, DDoS resistance testing, and Web and mobile application audits and meet the stated security requirements.

Usability Testing

Trivecta's specialized Usability Testing services help identify potential usability challenges that development teams may not be aware of. Our user-centric approach focuses on every detail that can impact user experience, including Task Efficiency, Intuitiveness, Readability, Navigation, Accessibility, Response Time, overall UX Design, Best Practice benchmarking, and much more. Our goal is to ensure that your users have the best possible experience while working with your application.

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Compatibility Testing

Trivecta's Compatibility Testing services help ensure that your application's user experience and performance is seamless across multiple Web Browsers, Operating Systems, Display Resolutions and Devices (Desktop, Notebook & Mobile). Our rigorous and extensive compatibility testing capabilities, will help your product deliver consistent user experiences, regardless of your customers' platform of choice.

Why Choose Trivecta for Testing?

Rapid Scalability

Trivecta is committed to ensuring that your team’s dynamic priorities are addressed. Whether you need additional resources or specific skill sets at different stages of the product release cycle or need to scale back resources post release, we adapt to your project's changing needs. Our flexible resource allocation process enables us to rapidly ramp up or ramp down the number of resources to meet your needs ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

Faster Time to market 

Trivecta employs cutting edge frameworks and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to help you accelerate time to market. Our AI-driven testing methodologies and AI-powered QA tools help us identify potential bugs early, eliminate inefficiencies, prioritize test cases for maximum efficiency, and significantly improve testing throughput. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our QA experts work closely with your Development and QA teams to minimize residual defects and enhance user experience. This helps enhance customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn.

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