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Product Engineering Services

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The driving force that helps you gain the critical “time to market” advantage!

Trivecta’s  extensive experience working with product and technology companies, enable us to add value to our customers across the complete product development, testing and maintenance life cycle.  We adopt best-in-class practices that ensure that you can focus your efforts on innovation and meeting evolving market needs.

How Trivecta can help your business

Increased Productivity

A dedicated team of experts with cross-platform expertise and service experience that aligns with your business goals to enhance the productivity of your team.

Innovation & Value

With Trivecta helping do the heavy lifting, your team can focus on innovation, new functionality and new markets for your products

  Cost Leadership & ROI

Trivecta’s offerings are strategically priced to deliver enhanced value and higher ROI 

Rapid time to market

Trivecta’s time-tested processes in delivering rapid turn-arounds help ensure you gain the invaluable time-to-market advantage over your competition

Greater Flexibility

Finally, in today’s dynamic world of constant change, the ability to make changes to team composition, team size or deliverables with minimal cost or operational impact is invaluable, and Trivecta offers you this capability.

Our Product Engineering & Testing Services Offerings

Product Development

Trivecta’s, product development capabilities are built on expert technology skills, extensive delivery experience and empathetic relationship skills. We offer product development services across multiple technology practices and deployment environments. Whether you have a new product or module that needs to be brought to market, or a mature product that needs additional resources,  we've got you covered.

Product Maintenance 

Trivecta’s product maintenance services ensure that your customers’ business processes that are dependent on your product run without interruption or pause. We also ensure that your product stays updated despite changes in platforms that your product is deployed on. With constantly evolving technology and business needs, it is vital to ensure that the versions of your product in the market continue to perform and contribute to your revenue. 

Product Testing

When Trivecta’s QA team validates your products, you can be sure that your product’s functionality and performance will be rated highly. You can launch products with confidence as our expert team of QA engineers ensure that every feature is validated for every platform and device that your product is certified to work on. Elimination of bugs pre-release not only ensures high levels of customer satisfaction, but also ensures reduced time-to-market. 

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