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Enterprise Document Management on Cloud

Business Challenge

To develop a system which can communicate with various cloud storage systems like Azure, SharePoint, Box, DropBox etc and store the scanned documents seamlessly.


Developed a solution which will

  • Authenticate the user with the cloud storage provider and maintains the user session.

  • Access the file storage using the authentication information.

  • Uploads and organizes the files in folders on the storage platform.

  • Performs OCR and creates searchable PDF files out of the documents scanned in image formats. 

Architecture & Technologies

The software solution is a web-based application which was developed using ASP.NET Core, Angular, and Azure Cognitive services.


The beneficiary of our services is one of the leading global imaging solution providers.

Business Challenge

To perform the functional validations and quality assurance of an adaptive learning product that continuously measures each learner’s knowledge and drives a personalized learning experience, allowing teachers and trainers to tailor their approach as necessary and achieve the learning goals.


Performing the Quality Assurance of the product:

  • Validation of the entire functionality of the product through manual testing.

  • Validating the functionality of the Product from the perspective of each of the user roles.

  • Regression Testing of the product before each release.

  •  Testing the compatibility of the product across various browsers and devices such as Windows desktop, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android mobile, and tablet devices.

Architecture & Technologies

The software is a web-based application that is developed using ASP.NET Core, Angular. Providing the quality assurance of the entire functionality of the application across various devices like ‘Windows’ desktop, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile, and Tablet. Microsoft Excel and JIRA are used for managing the defects.


The beneficiary of our services is one of the leading global e-learning solution providers.

Adaptive Intelligent
Self learning

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